Automotive Inspection & Diagnostic Service

Zillmere Automotive prices are matched with the quality of workmanship provided. The following is a breakdown of our fees for inspections and diagnostic services.

Initial Inspection:required.

Our mechanic will inspect your vehicle and aim to diagnose the problem within the first 30 minutes.

  • 30-minute initial inspection fee – $65

Further Diagnostics.

If we are unable to diagnose the problem within the initial inspection, then we will contact you to seek your approval for further diagnostic work.

  • Diagnostic labour fee – $115 per hour which is a discounted rate from our normal $130 per hour labour rate.

Vehicle Service

Servicing your car with us does not affect your new car warranty.
The service can be adjusted to suit and follow manufacturer’s specifications including the use of genuine parts if required.

All our vehicle services include a full inspection and report. If our mechanic has noted any recommendations for repair, we will seek your approval before any additional work will start.

Every report will include measurements on brakes, Tyres, brake fluid and coolant fluid levels as well as a health load test on your battery. Our inspection list is as noted below:

Vehicle Service Inclusions

Road Test (Check & Report on Engine, Transmission, Brakes, Steering & Suspension)
Inspect Seat belts (Operation)
Inspect & Lube All Locks and Hinges
Inspect Lights/Washers/Horn/Indicator Switch/A.C. Operation
Inspect and Inflate Tyres (Including Spare)
Inspect Battery (Levels/Security/Clean Terminals)
Inspect Air Filter
Inspect/Adjust Drive Belts
Inspect all Fluid Levels
Change Engine Oil & Filter
Inspect Trans & Diff (Levels/Leaks)
Inspect Underbody (Security/Leaks)
Inspect Exhaust
Inspect Steering/Suspension/Engine Mounts
Inspect Brake Pads & Discs Front & Rear
Inspect Power Steering Hoses (Leaks/Condition)
Inspect CV’s & Drive Shafts (Joints/Boots/Leaks/Damage)
Reset Service Lights

To request a quote on a service for your vehicle please email or call the shop with the following details.

Engine Protection Plan

If your vehicle is overdue for its service and is in need of some TLC then our Engine Protection Plan might be a great addition to your service without breaking the bank.
Our EPP is a combination of 3 additives that helps improve fuel economy and lowers emissions form your vehicle.

1. Wynn’s Engine Flush

Features and Benefits:

  • Contains effective cleaners that remove sludge and varnish
  • Suspends and removes deposits for improved lubrication
  • Protects metal parts from harmful contaminants between oil changes
  • Maintains oil protection and reduces new oil contamination
  • Promotes a more complete draining of used oil
  • Reduces oil consumption resulting from blocked oil drain return holes Dissolves old highly oxidised oil

2. Friction Proofing

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduce friction and wear
  • Prolong oil life
  • Penetrate and bond to metal surfaces
  • Reduce engine sludge and varnish build up
  • Protect engines at start-up and extreme conditions
  • Improve oil performance during extended oil drain intervals
  • Reduce oil oxidation and thickening
  • Increase rust and corrosion protection

3. Injector Cleaner

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast acting and cleans as you drive for up to 5,000km
  • Increases engine power & fuel economy
  • Smooths idling & cold starting
  • Easy to use, one shot treatment
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Formulated using European technology
  • Catalytic converter, oxygen sensor & E10 safe
  • Safe for DPF and other emission controls
  • Capless fuel system compatible
  • Treats up to 80 liters of fuel

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